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riddle22's Journal

Pammie Wammie
16 December
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Thought this could use a change...

I'm a confused twenty year old counting down the days 'til I'm a confused twenty-one year old.

I write things. Mostly short stories. Sometimes screenplays. Sometimes haikus. Never free form poems.

I hurt people. I don't mean to, but I do it sometimes. I attribute this to being human. But I also love people. Like, a really really lot. In fact, there are people out there I love more than I love myself.

I love *NSYNC. Like, a really really lot. I like making things up about their lives and telling these things to people and calling them theories.

I don't fancy any other pop music.

I do fancy punk music. Like a really really lot.

I want to make movies. And write a novel. And a screenplay. And maybe be in movies. And definitely make babies.

Maybe one day I'll do these things.

Maybe one day I won't.